SA-MP Clientside AntiCheat

Brand new clientside anticheat for SA-MP, designed to detect and report cheaters to the server they are connected to.
SAMPCAC is aiming to be a replacement for old heavy, unstable anticheat softwares.

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Crashes are annoying, aren't they?
That's why our software is carefully tested before it gets released, so our users won't (or shouldn't) experience any issues.
(however, we're still in BETA)


We know how important is that 90+ FPS in top corner for you, so SAMPCAC developers are constantly trying their best to keep that number unchanged.


SAMPCAC is a mod by players for ehm... players AND servers. We listen to all our users' suggestions and we are open to discussions.

Modular anticheat

SAMPCAC is pretty much fully toggleable from serverside. See for a list of detected cheats.

You don't want your players use macros?
Enable macro reporting!

You don't want your players abuse C-Bug or see radar blips?
Disable them!

You don't want your players use m0d_s0beit_sa?
Well, this mod is disabled by default and can't be enabled :(

Not enough protections?
Detect many more specific cheats using CAC_ReadMemory.

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Not a scripter?

Don't worry!

Default server package comes with a bunch of filterscripts ready to be loaded on your server. They are compatible with most gamemodes and provide basic functionality.

Require all players have SAMPCAC installed?
Load sampcac_only.amx.

Configure cheat detection? (MUST BE LOADED)
Load sampcac_base.amx and edit sampcac_base.ini.

Disable certain glitches? (eg: C-Bug)
Load sampcac_glitch.amx and edit sampcac_glitch.ini.

Toggle game options? (eg: inf. sprint or manual gun reloading)
Load and configure sampcac_gameoption.amx.

Monitor modded resources? (eg: skins or transparent textures)
Load and configure sampcac_gameresource.amx.

Download SAMPCAC

Download, install and play. It's simple!

Join our SAMPCAC only server here! It's Att-Def v1.21.

Note for server owners: SAMPCAC won't take any action against cheaters by itself, you have to explicitly script these actions.
Fortunately, server package comes with 6 filterscripts ready to take care of it for yourself. See above.

For further information, check out SAMPCAC documentation here!

Also, check out our version of Att-Def v1.21 gamemode.

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