Welcome to SAMPCAC documentation

This site contains all information needed to set up and run a SAMPCAC protected server.

Setting up a basic server

  1. Download the latest SAMPCAC server package from main page;
  2. Copy its full content in the root of SA-MP server, respecting the directory layout;
  3. Open server.cfg and append to plugins line:
    • sampcac_server.so (for Linux servers);
    • sampcac_server.dll (for Windows servers);
  4. Now, add the following filterscripts:
    • sampcac_base (WARNING: SAMPCAC won't take any action against cheaters without this filterscripts loaded!);
    • sampcac_glitch (allows you to disable certain GTA:SA glitches (like C-Bug));
    • sampcac_gameoption (allows you to toggle certain options (like vehicle blips on radar));
    • sampcac_gameresource (allows you to detect game modifications (like modified skins));
    • sampcac_only (only clients with SAMPCAC installed can join your server);
    • sampcac_versioncheck (warn players that they're using an outdated version of SAMPCAC client before kicking them);
    • (for more information regarding filterscripts, see filterscripts article);
  5. Head to scriptfiles and edit sampcac_base.ini, sampcac_glitch.ini, sampcac_gameoption.ini and sampcac_gameresource.ini according to your needs;
  6. Start the server!

Further assistance

Join our Discord and we'll be happy to assist you in setting up a SAMPCAC server.
Check out sample filterscripts source code for more implementation details.

Advanced stuff